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  • Dairy Queen

    So when i try to edit my staff details or change their pin i am unable to view their login number. How do i make there pin visible???

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  • Thomas Nikolov

    Hi Dairy Queen!

    It's not possible to view the current PIN for a user. You can change it if somebody's forgotten though.

    Hope this helps, if you have any more questions please let us know.


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  • Evelyn

    Hi Thomas,

    i have add new staff to create new user with pin but when they go to cash off a sale, they cannot as the cash icons and eftpos items are not enabled for them to do so. what have I missed in the setup that allows them to use the register with access to all areas please.

    thank you.

    Ev 😊

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  • Scott Fox

    Hi Ev,

    It sounds like your new staff are on a permission level that doesn't allow the "pay" permission.

    If you'd like a hand with this, feel free to raise a ticket with our team and one of our trainers can help you out!


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